Fleet Services

Your fleet deserves to shine. Make a positive impression wherever your company vehicles go with a Lakewood fleet plan!

Benefits of Unlimited

Why Lakewood Fleet Services?


    Receive a bulk discount when you sign up for a fleet plan.


    Select the wash package that best fits your needs, and upgrade or switch your plan any time.


    Your monthly payment is customized based on your business’s needs.


    Never any contracts.


Fleet Pricing

Our fleet pricing is highly competitive, and the larger your fleet, the bigger your discounts!

  • STARTING AT $6999
  • STARTING AT $6999
  • STARTING AT $6999
  • STARTING AT $6999

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Get unlimited washes, save money, and drive a spotless car every day.


    Get in and out faster with an Unlimited Wash Club membership.


    Get easy automatic billing once each month and stop paying more with single washes that add up at the pay station.


    Forget contracts. Manage your membership or cancel if you need to online or at the wash any time.

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